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A full moon trek to Savandurga - a largest monolith hill in Asia!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Night trek to Savandurga.Trekking is the best way to escape from hectic routine.
Panoramic view from Savandurga!

Trekking is the best way to escape from hectic routines. How about night trek? Along with trekking adventure, we can also indulge in mesmerizing experience of camping at the hill top and bonfire. I am sure it sounds interesting! Along with my colleagues I decided to explore the beauty of a monolith hill “Savandurga” on a full moon night.

Savandurga is a hill situated in Ramnagar District, Karnataka 60 km from state capital Bangalore. Situated at 1220m above the sea level forming a part of Deccan plateau. This hill comprises of two separate hills, locally named Karigudda (Black hill) and Biligudda (White hill). It is the largest monolith hills in Asia. To your knowledge a monolith is a hill made up of a massive single stone or rock.

It is considered to be one of the best night treks from Bangalore. This was my first night trek, heard lot from people but never experienced personally. Must say, it was a thrilling experience. It took around 3 hours to climb and 1 hour down. Some points are dangerously steep but can manage. I consider this trek as moderate-difficult because of its dangerous steep and there is no support to hold while climbing. It does not require to have any previous experience of trekking.

We started to climb at round 12.00 am and reached the top by 3.00 am. You will truly love the time spent during climbing the hill as you will witness some of the amazing night view. Once at the top of hill enjoyed the campfire at historic Savandurga fort. Yes, there is a fort at the top. It was a sleepless night with lot of fun! A bunch a friendly dogs accompanied us as a bodyguards (Must say, very friendly!). The location was picture perfect and witnessed one of the best sun rise. We found some of the beautiful panholes supporting lush green floral growth. As the first ray of sun touched the hilltop, we headed back down, as we dint wanted to drain out our self! We mesmerized with the beauty from the top of the hill, fresh clean air, and with lots of fun. Once you get down, there are good restaurants near the base camp of Savandurga for breakfast (You can get south Indian idly, dosa, rice bath etc).

No doubt it’s one of the best trek any one can experience. I will write what should be taken care? This place is not suitable during rainy season, don’t risk yourself. • Wear comfortable dress and very importantly, wear “PROPER TREK SHOES” which don’t slip. • DON'T carry heavy luggage it may be difficult to climb the steep, • Carry water bottles, and eatables. • Carry sleeping bags. • Carry a stick for grip, as there is no support to hold while climbing. • DO NOT venture out on the trip all alone, be in group and keep motivating each other. • Couples do not hangout alone! It can be dangerous • Carry flashlight (WE dint use as it was a full moon day!) • Carry jacket for the night • Take selfies and pictures keeping your safety in mind. • Not recommended for aged people and kids • DO NOT smoke while climbing (you may have problem with breathing), don’t carry alcohol

Note: If you want to experience this and you don't have a group, DON't worry! as you can book this tour with agents like Thrilophilia which can cost around ₹1050/adult. Difficulty level: Moderate Best Time to Trek: Night/day

It’s a humble request with the trekker’s, DO NOT throw any plastic items or non-degradable wastes on the top of hill. PLEASE be responsible and keep the surrounding clean. Carry bag and collect the wastes and bring it down the hill and throw in the recycle bin. Please be aware of DO and DON'Ts during the trek. If you want to escape from the busy city life, it’s a perfect weekend gateway. Have a safe, refreshing and enjoyable trek.


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