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About Me

TravelWonderss is the journey of an Indian woman with passion for travel. The more she traveled, she learned about the world. Her lust for travel is never ending.


Introducing Dr. Ramya Shanivarsanthe Leelesh from "Pearl City-PUTTUR, INDIA". Professionally a scientist, she never misses a chance to explore the world. Ramya always found a way to travel while working.


TravelWonderss is here to share the experience and tips for fellow travelers to get new ideas about travel destinations. She traveled plenty, so everyone will find something interesting to read here. She is the girl who believed in her dreams to make them happen. Nothing more! No need to be rich or have special talent and techniques.

Travelling can be magical, life time happiness that you think you will never forget. But! once you back home and get busy with your daily routine  juggling with office and house it is obvious these memories will gradually fade away! Memories can be captured in current digital world, but pictures don't tell the whole story!!!

It is always good to pen down the memories! You can record what your seen, heard, smelled and eaten (which rejuvenated your taste buds)! You can quickly share your new experience or adventure with family, friends and with broad range of like minded people. THIS IS WHY I AM HERE GUYS!!!

Enjoy my blog. Take care and feel free to drop me a message anytime!  

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                    LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

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