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Everything you need to know about Phuket- Paradise on earth!

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Phuket is one of the amazing beach destinations of the world. Every year millions of people visits this paradise. Blue crystal clear water, fine white sands, palm trees and lively town what else you want for lovely vacation? Vibrant night markets, best local Thai food, relaxing Thai massage, scuba, snorkeling are some of the highlights of Phuket. The Island of Phuket, lies in the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman sea and is the largest island of the nation.

Phuket is well connected to many cities around the world. Phuket International Airport is the third busiest airport in Thailand. The best part is you no need to go through visa process. Yes, you heard it right! Indians does not require visa to visit Thailand. It’s visa on arrival guys! I booked my flight from Chennai –Bangkok –Phuket. Phuket city is around 32 Km from the airport. The best convenient way to reach city is through shared taxi. Now it’s time to explore the beauty of the paradise!

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi is the island-superstar of Thailand. Also a favorite place of film makers from Hollywood and Bollywood! We booked our tour with Phuket travel company for 1500 baht/ person. Hotel pick up and drop off services were provided by the travel company. It was a sunny morning and we were ready to get tanned. Phi Phi is situated 40 Km southeast of Phuket. Climb aboard and leave shore behind as you move over the deep crystal clear blue water.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay is the main tourist attraction of Phi Phi island. Once used as a set for the Hollywood movie The Beach. Dive into the deep blue water or get soak on the same sand of the beach where Leonardo DiCaprio found paradise in The Beach. Enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear water of the Bay. Unfortunately, it is one of the most crowded island beach. Admit it! Paradise on the earth.

Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay is another important attraction in Phi Phi island. Coral reef and monkeys are the top attractions! One of the best spot for snorkeling.

Khai Nai Island

Lunch was served on the speed boat it was yumm!! Its sunny afternoon when we reached Khai Nai island. Indulging in snorkeling, taking sun bath or just relaxing on the shore are the best things to do in the island. It is one of the best place to have sweet tender coconut water. When you are in beautiful island leave the world behind and imbibe the nature!

James Bond Island

It is the famous island in Phang Nga Bay. It got the name after featuring in the Hollywood James Bond series, The Man with the Golden Gun. Beautiful Bay popular for sailing as well as kayaking. You can truly feel the magic of mother nature. Tour costs: 1500 baht/person.

Top attraction: Kayaking!

Koh Panyi

It is found in the middle of Phang Nga Bay. James Bond island tour usually include a stop for sea food lunch at this charming floating village. The village is dominated by local sea farming Muslim families. This village is completely surrounded by water and consist of shops, restaurant, mosque and school. Purchase souvenirs and crafts from the shops at the village.

What Chalong Temple

The most important Buddhist temple of Phuket. Temple is open from seven in the morning to five in the evening. It features various Buddha statues and golden Pagoda. Breath taking architecture is the important part of the visit.

How to reach?

Wat Chalong is about 8 Km from Phuket city. Best way to travel in Phuket is by Motor Bikes. You can rent a bike for a day. In my opinion this is the best way to travel around Phuket.

Big Buddha Phuket

Is the most important and relevant landmark of the Island. It is 45meters tall statue sits on top of the Nakkerd hills between Chalong and Kata. You can get the 360-degree view of the island.

Baan Teelanka -Up side down house of Phuket

Baan Teelanka-The UpsideDown House is one of the innovative attractions of Phuket. Located on the Bypass road on the northern outskirt of Phuket. It has kitchen, bedrooms and furniture’s hanging on the floor. One must visit this innovation!

Thai Massage

We had a sun bath. Now it’s time for great Thai massage. Had relaxing aromatic Thai massage. When you are in Phuket DON’T DARE to miss Thai massage!

Patong Beach

You can experience the vibrant night of Phuket. Wait to get dark and then walk slowly down the street there is so much to see! Have drink at the bars its great! The beer is very cheap. It has open air street market for food, clothes and massage centers.

Do visit this Paradise. Happy Travelling!

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