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Durdle Door: No caption required! A single picture justifies everything.

Durdle Door is one of the iconic coastal landmark of England. The beauty of the landmark is of natural limestone arch and pebble beach. It’s a perfect destination for a day out. It’s a natural world heritage site by UNESCO and in the list of natural wonders.

How was Durdle Door Arch formed?

This magnificent natural limestone arch was formed by the powerful waves eroding the rocks and forged a hole in the middle. Well! Durdlle is an old English word ‘thril’ which means drill or pierce.

Things to do


One of the best way to explore the natural beauty of Durdle Door is by walking. It offers spectacular view of Jurassic coast.

Mountain Biking

You can enjoy a downhill run or a family trail ride. Alongside enjoy the spectacular view of the coast.


You can take a kayaking tour of the stunning coastline. It’s incredible!

How to get there?

Durdle door can be best accessed by car or by public transport which connect to Weymouth. Various tour operators (Angel tours, Star Tours) have a day tour to Durdle Door and Bournemouth, its best if you don’t have your own vehicle. They are pretty reasonable! It cost around £25 / person.

Parking is available at Durdle Doors and it’s a pet friendly beach!

You will be stunned by the natural lime stone structures around the coast. One must visit places in south of England!

Happy traveling!

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