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Windsor Castle: An insight into the English Royal Heritage!

Windsor castle is one of the official residency of The Queen! There is no better place than Windsor castle to see, if you ever wondered how the royal places looks like. It is a perfect weekend gateway from London. Its located in little town called Windsor, Berkshire (English countryside). You can spend a full day in Windsor as it got lot of picture perfect places to visit.

How far is Windsor from London?

It’s just 26 miles from London. You can easily get from London to Windsor by train, car or by taxi. In my opinion taking a train will be more convenient. If you come by car, finding a place to park in peak time will be challenging!

Windsor opening time

From March –October door opens at 10am and closes at 5.15pm. There will be long queue to enter the castle. Better go early enough to escape the queue.

From November –February, opening time is 10 am and closes at 4.15pm.

Things to do in Windsor

1. Windsor Castle visit: Main tourist attraction is none other than Windsor Castle!

2. The long walk: 3-mile-long walk from in front of the castle flanked by lush green trees

3. Boat Trip: You can take a boat tour in Thames! You can witness beautiful Swans near the shore. Feed them with food available at nearby shops! You will truly indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of mother nature!

4. Garden visit: There are three beautiful gardens you can visit! The Savill Garden, The Valley Garden and Virginia Water.

5. Shopping!

The little countryside town is very charming and you will definitely enjoy your time in Windsor!

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