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Exploring the City of Light: My Journey to the Top of the Eiffel Tower

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited paid monuments in the world. Around 20,000 people visit it every day. The tower is named after its engineer Gustave Eiffel. It is symbol of Paris with a popular nick name “La Dame de Fer” or “The Iron Lady”. Every day thousands of visitors enjoy the panoramic view from the top and the lit up Eiffel Tower in the evening.

Some interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower

1. Eiffel Tower was the tallest man made structure in the world until 1930, when the Chrysler building in New York was completed.

2. The Eiffel Tower construction was opposed by committee of three hundred, composed mainly of French artists, writers and intellectuals. They called it as “monstrous”, “useless” and “vulgar” structure.

3. The initial color of the Eiffel Tower was reddish brown and it changed over the years. It has to be repainted for every seven years to prevent rust and damage.

4. Do you know as American Women, Erika Labire fell in love with this monument that she married the Eiffel Tower in 2007. She changed her name to “Erika Eiffel”!

5. It’s a well-known fact that Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid monument in the world.

6. Do you know how the Eiffel Tower was lit in the initial days? It was li by gas lamps! Now it takes around 20000 light bulbs to illuminate the Eiffel Tower.

How to get to the Eiffel Tower?

There are number of ways to reach Eiffel Tower, including public transport, river boat, hop-on hop-off, and car.

How long is the waiting time to visit Eiffel Tower?

The waiting time to visit the tower is around 2-3hrs. Security checks can slow down the visiting process! No matter when or what time you are visiting it will always be BUSY! You can buy tickets to Eiffel Tower either online or by person at the ticket booth (located near the security check point). There are different priced tickets for second and summit access of the tower.

What’s there to see in the Eiffel Tower?

Many people visit the tower as its world’s most famous landmark. There are interesting things to do when you visit Eiffel Tower here is the overview.

The tower is 325 meters tall. The tower has three platforms opened for visitors. The first level is 57m high, the second is 115m high and the last level is at 276m with the panoramic view as far as the outskirts of Paris.

1. First Floor of the Tower

The first floor of the tower features cinema projections, a child’s play area, gift shops and restaurants. The famous 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant is here. This floor can be accessed by stairs or the elevator.

2. Second Floor of the Tower

It has large observation deck which provides amazing view of Paris. There are also gift shops and restaurants. The floor can be accessed by stairs or the elevator.

3. Third Floor/Summit of Eiffel Tower

It’s the top most floor to visit in Eiffel Tower. It gives a panoramic 360° view of the Paris is the highlight of the show. Here you can find the former office of Gustave Eiffel. This floor can be accessed only by the elevator.

Eiffel Tower at Night

Eiffel Tower looks beautiful with illumination at night. Every night the light show will lit the Eiffel Tower at each one hour. The show lasts for a total of five minutes each time. Seine riverside view is considered to be the best to witness the sparkling of the Eiffel Tower.

This place is an absolutely must visit place in Paris. You will definitely love your time spent in the city of love, light and romance.

Have you been to Eiffel Tower? What’s your experience? Let us know in the comment.

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