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Mt. TITLIS-The Snow Paradise!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Mt. Titlis, the highest peak in central Switzerland
Mt Titlis

My visit to snow paradise Mt. Titlis was treat to eyes. At 10,000 feet above sea level, Mt. Titlis is the highest peak in central Switzerland. When I reached the top it was -3°C! Oh! I’m in love with this little country. I started my journey to Mt. Titlis from Engelberg, a beautiful village at the base of Mt. Titlis. You can also take a train service from Lucern to Engelberg. There are ticket counters near the base of Mt. Titlis, where you can buy tickets to the top and ice flyer.

TiTLIS Cable Car and Ice Flyer Tickets

Engelberg train station

There are other attractions and activities which makes the visit really memorable.

Mount Titlis Cable Car

The 8 seater TITLIS Xpress cable car connects Engelberg to stand station. It takes approx. 15 minutes. You can hop on and off at Trubsee middle station (If needed). As you move to higher altitude you will witness the mesmerizing beautify of the valley.

View of Engelberg from the cable car

Mount Titlis Rotating Cable Car

In stand station you have to switch to another cable car, TITLIS ROTAIR -world’s first rotating gondola that turns 360° giving some amazing picture perfect views. lt take you to the summit station at 10,000 feet above the sea level. There are restaurants, cafes and bars-you can enjoy hot coffee!

TITLIS ROTAIR- World's first 360° revolving cable car

Ice Flyer

Ice flyer chair lift connects the summit to the Titlis glacier snow park. Don’t forget to look down for jaw dropping views of the glaciers. Snow sliding is perfect for those who seeking fun adventures and ready for aches, sprain and pain. Snow toys go very fast and you will experience on of your best ride! Be careful with your legs while landing! It can sprain your leg! I got sprain in my knee and I still dint recover completely! But it’s worth the ride!

Snow toy ride!

Snow toy ride! Yahoooo

Titlis Cliff Walk

At the top of the summit you can make a short walk in a suspension bridge. It was windy and you can feel the wind! and the walk was incredible!

Mount Titlis Glacier Cave

Walking through the glaciers is an incredible Titlis experience. Glacier cave is a tunnel 20 meters below the Titlis glaciers and 150 meters long. The temperature inside the cave remains -15°C round the year.

When visiting Titlis take warm cloths, and shoes. It’s really difficult to walk in the snow with normal shoes. You can rent shoes on the top of the mountains. It cost around 8 CHF. But it’s cheaper if you bring your own!

I had a great time in Mount Titlis. It’s a great destination, whether you spend a day or just few hours.

Play Time!

YES! you can see Raj and Simran from DDLJ at the top of Mt. TITLIS!

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