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Here are the travel hacks that you ever need. These will help you in saving money, finding best flight deals, budget friendly hostels and just make your travel better.

1. Pack light

It is most important to pack light to make to travel hassle free. It is OK if you wear same tea shirt in a row. Keep in mind always pack what is needed for happy travel. But dont forget to keep extra socks.

2. Book flight in advance

Always make sure to book the flight two-three months in advance to get the best deal. Always compare the price with different sites. My favorite flight search engines are: Skyscanner, Expedia, Goibibo, ixigo, Tripadvicer

3. Never pay for water at the airport

Bring empty bottle to the airport and refill it after you cross the security. Don't burn your pocket by paying extra!

4. Always carry power bank

It is very import to carry portable charger. Its a life saver at many times.

5. Keep extra copies of your passport and important documents

You never know when you need the copies of your documents. It is smart to email a copy of your passport and documents to yourself.

6. Stay in hostels/backpackers hotel

When it comes to budgeted travel always book with hostel or backpackers hostel. They are cheap, organize events and you will meet lot of like minded travel freaks! You can book in advance using different sites viz.,,,,

7. Carry first aid kits

Take band-aids, antibacterial creams for minor cuts and scrapes, and sunscreen.

8. Avoid taxi

Never ever take a taxi unless it is really urgent. It surely burn your ass!

9. Take free walking tours

These tours will give you good back ground of the city you are visiting.

10. Wear comfortable pair of shoes

It is obvious you walk a lot when you travel. It is most important to wear comfortable pair of shoes for hassle free travel.

11. Eat street food!

Don't be scared to enjoy the street food. If you miss it then your travel is incomplete.

12. Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is the must have but you probably never use it! If something goes wrong, you don't burn thousands of dollars! It also covers if your flight is cancelled, passport is lost, and luggage is lost.

13. Carry Jacket

Whether it is sunny or rainy also pack a jacket! It always needed.

There you have it! My top travel tips!

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Sep 20, 2019


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